Learn Blues Guitar

24th December

Getting Ready For The Blues?

learn-blues-guitarOne of my favorite guitar playing activities is without a doubt to dig into some electric or acoustic blues songs. Slow delta blues, Texas shuffle or Chicago blues – it’s all good stuff to me! From the very beginning as a guitar novice, one of my objectives was to learn blues guitar. Don’t know why – it always struck me as genuine and real.

However, it wasn’t until quite recently that I got more serious about it. Having the opportunity to play with some truly great blues guitar players, I soon discovered that it took more than a superficial knowledge of the basic pentatonic scale (blues scale), 12-bar blues and your average blues chords and chord progressions to follow those cats around comfortably without messing it up or stepping on someones musical toes.

The guys were just smiling and being cool about my feeble attempt at playing. It was more my own pride and sense of not doing it quite right that got to me.

Just jamming and hanging around with them every now and then sure meant some real progress in my guitar skills. Still, it was stumbling across this guitar blues course: Playing Through The Blues that really gave me the push to begin learning how to play proper and convincing blues guitar without sounding like I was just messing around on my own or throwing random and rather stale blues licks out there.

As I’m progressing – and let us not try to fool ourselves here … this is a life long process of learning – I begin to grasp how to play blues lead guitar more convincingly.

Also I have finally begun to see the true value of, and get a better grasp of “comping” – playing behind a solo instrument or singer without getting in the way or sounding plain old boring. Some of the idea here is to know when not to play – a vital part of the blues for sure.

The blues may perhaps seem real easy and straight forward on the surface, but it is darned hard to pull of with the raw emotion and feel for the genre that is required.

The best part after all is that I feel much more comfortable now to just jam with people I don’t know that well. Even playing songs I haven’t heard before, or don’t immediately recognize, isn’t really that big a challenge. For sure, I wouldn’t dare to step up with major players like Clapton (yeah I know … dream on), but I’m sure you catch my drift. Since playing with others is a huge part of what music is all about (at least to me), having this ability to go with the flow is a major thing!

I suppose it may be a better understanding of the theory, the underlying blues guitar and blues music principles that has made me more relaxed in blues jam sessions with folks more accomplished than myself.

As the tradition is with all the best online guitar courses, you have a number of great jam tracks included in this how to play the blues course, in addition to video lessons, audio examples, written documentation and much more. It sure is great to have a jam track going when you want to rehearse what you’re learning until it sticks! No one here to give me an evil eye when I mess up :-)

If you’re interested in ways to learn blues guitar, I’m pretty sure you’ll find heaps of valuable stuff here for years to come. I’ve tried it out for a while now and I feel I’m only scratching the surface…

And, if you have any questions or comments about the blues or blues guitar playing, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below! What is your preferred way of learning blues guitar skills?

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